Natures Medicines for the Whole Person

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Medicine Box brings the previously untapped abilities of hemp to its proprietary herbal formulations, unleashing greater wellness and restfulness.

What Our Customers Say About Medicine Box

These All-Natural Medicines have changed their lives.

Lauren C.

I was sure that I’d love Vitality the best (totally do love it!). But Equanimity is amazing. It’s helped me with my sleep so much - that was the first bottle that I emptied.

Rita S.

These have been a game changer for me as I walk into the busiest part of my work year!


I’ve had Vital Recovery with me for a few weeks and I love the way it smells, very herbaceous. I’m not mentally impaired by this formula, in fact, I regain optimal mental acuity and able to carry on with daily tasks feeling great. I highly recommend it!


From Stress to Sleep.
Nothing is better.



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From intellectual performance to immunity, very little isn’t strengthened by a good night’s sleep. Along with exercise and nutrition, our EQUANIMITY is a valuable ally in your restful lifestyle.

Sarah M

Sarah M.

I know there are many uses for this formula, but sleeping has been my go-to with Equanimity. I would highly recommend this to someone who might have a really active brain or body during periods of rest and who desire a solid and deep state of relaxation.


For your stomach and digestion.
Nothing is better.

Happy Belly

Normally $69.99

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Feed your gut biome with HAPPY BELLY, a rich and carefully selected bouquet of herb and hemp extracts designed to enhance your food and diet choices.

Jessie M.

I love Happy Belly! It is the first thing I grab when I have an upset stomach. I really appreciate this formula this time of year as I am not eating as healthy as I usually do.


From Focus to Endurance.
Nothing is better.

High Performance

Normally $79.99

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Clarity. Focus. Endurance.

Vital Recovery fuels your system to soar throughout the day with unparalleled ease.

Jasmine C

Jasmine C.

I love using Vital Recovery as needed throughout my workday to calm myself from work-related stressors but maintain mental performance. My role is critically tied to my ability to be creative and sharp, and this formula is an excellent enhancer of this state.


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